VW T5/6 Premium



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Our VW T5/6 kit has been designed and pre-scribed to fit perfectly flush, straight into your camper van, minimising work and saving a huge amount of time. With our clever integrated floor system, you can build your units in the comfort of a workshop or garage, click them into the rebated floor base, prewire and install any appliances, then with one lift the units can be fitted to the van. The flush design of the worktop sink/ grill and handle less door option combines the modern look with the tradition real wood feel. The beauty of our concept has changed the small van conversion concept all together, allowing you to remove the units if necessary

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  • High pressure laminated birch
  • Solid oak work top and folding table
  • Real oak tambour door
  • Integrated floor system for simple installation
  • Soft close drawer
  • Soft close door hinges
  • Overhead LED top locker
  • Full size window surround splashback
  • Full LED shelving system throughout
  • Kickboards for Rock ‘N’ Roll Bed
  • Table with folding leg & rail
  • Table storage system
  • LED cubby hole
  • Worktop storage flap
  • Grill/sink cut outs with flush design
  • Chopping board
  • Personalised coasters
  • Easy to follow picture instructions

Overall length: 2180mm | Height 1340mm

Overall length 2580mm | Height 1340mm

Work top
Height: 760mm

Fridge Aperture
Width: 390mm | Height 536mm
Will accommodate most popular campervan 12v fridges

Rock & Roll bed
Suitable for beds 112cm or smaller

Van floor 

Must have an overall thickness no greater than 16mm from the ribs (see shop)


Must have Two-piece ply-ling on O/S with full height rear quarter (see shop)

  • SWB includes 2 x doors in top locker
  • LWB includes 3 x doors in top locker
  • We constantly strive to improve our products, therefore pictures may differ slightly from current design
Bespoke Colour +£195.00 White Gloss £0.00 Cream Gloss £0.00 Light Grey Gloss £0.00 Dark Grey Gloss £0.00 Black Gloss £0.00 Yellow £0.00 Orange £0.00 Red £0.00 Terracotta £0.00 Baby Blue £0.00 Turquoise Blue £0.00 Fjord Green £0.00 Light Oak £0.00 Cherry £0.00 Hardwood Oak £0.00 Walnut £0.00 Zebrano Light £0.00 Zebrano Dark £0.00 Concrete £0.00 Stone £0.00 Marble Light £0.00 Marble Dark £0.00 Brushed Metal Light £0.00 Brushed Metal Dark £0.00

Please enter Altofina colour and code (Plain colour, wood and stone only. Any other POA)
See ‘Our Range’ page

*Please note we are unable to cut doors into Custom size Kickboards, simply length x width

In Black Gloss

In Black Gloss

For full assembly and fitting your van must comply with the following:

-Van must be empty
-Van floor must have an overall thickness no greater than 16mm from the ribs
-Van must have Two-piece carpeted ply-ling on O/S with full height rear quarter