VW T5/6 U-Shape Deluxe



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This U-shape design is perfect for those wanting a more social feel to their camper. The space created transforms your van to a home on wheels with the spacious seating plan and wide folding bed. This product has been designed and pre-scribed specifically for the VW T5/6 but will fit most vans with a little scribing. When accompanied by the pod and top locker this U-shape transforms your van to a fully functioning camper, giving you the facility to house fridge and the sink/grill, along with the additional space provided by the floating LED shelf shining down on the work top.

Our kits are all fully rebated and pilot holed, allowing pieces to simply slot together like a jigsaw, therefore, making them durable and extremely strong.

  • High pressure laminate boards
  • Soft close drawer
  • Soft close door hinges
  • Tambour door
  • Overhead LED top locker (optional extra)
  • Table with mount
  • Table storage system
  • Evomatic catches
  • Grill/sink cut outs
  • Chopping board
  • Personalised coasters
  • Easy to follow picture instructions

Length 1860mm | Height 400mm | Width 1600mm

Fridge pod

Length: 970mm | Height 760mm | Depth 500       

Fridge Aperture
Width: 390mm | Height 536mm
Will accommodate most popular campervan 12v fridges

Van floor 

Must have an overall thickness no greater than 16mm from the ribs (see shop)


Must have Two-piece ply-ling on O/S (see shop)

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  • Pictures may contain Premium range

Stocked colours in matt finish

Bespoke +£195.00 White Gloss £0.00 Cream Gloss £0.00 Greige £0.00 Fjord green £0.00 Deep Blue £0.00 Light grey gloss £0.00 Dark Grey Gloss £0.00 Black Gloss £0.00

Stocked colours in matt finish

Bespoke +£125.00 Solid Oak +£200.00 White Gloss £0.00 Black Gloss £0.00 Marble £0.00 Concrete £0.00 Stone £0.00

Please enter Altofina colour and code (Plain colour, wood and stone only. Any other POA)
See ‘Our Range’ page

Please enter Altofina colour and code (Plain colour, wood and stone only. Any other POA)
See ‘Our Range’ page

Upholstered 4 inch fabric cushions for seating and bed

None £0.00 Cream +£650.00 Light Grey +£650.00 Dark Grey +£650.00 Black +£650.00

Cut out only – Sink/Grill not included

100mm Length

In Black Gloss

In Black Gloss