Pop-top Elevating Roof



  • Supply and fit of M1 tested Pop-top roof

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Here at Coolwhip Campers we supply and fit only the best in Pop-top elevating roofs. Our team of fitters are fully qualified and have passed certified training to carry out the install of the Westdubs M1 tested Pop-top roofs to you van. We operate on a 3-4 week lead time with a two day fit out turn around. Please see 'features' tab for more details, and below to see all the bespoke and upgrade options available




Aqua Marine £0.00 Black £0.00 Brown £0.00 Burgundy £0.00 Caribbean Blue £0.00 Charcoal £0.00 Forest Green £0.00 Harbour Blue £0.00 Indian Birch £0.00 Lakeside Blue £0.00 Red £0.00 Royal Blue £0.00 Sand £0.00 Silver £0.00 Taupe £0.00 Teal £0.00 Turquoise £0.00 White £0.00

Laminate only

None Bespoke +£125.00 White Gloss £0.00 Cream Gloss £0.00 Light Grey Gloss £0.00 Dark Grey Gloss £0.00 Black Gloss £0.00 Yellow £0.00 Orange £0.00 Red £0.00 Terracotta £0.00 Baby Blue £0.00 Turquoise Blue £0.00 Fjord Green £0.00 Light Oak £0.00 Cherry £0.00 Hardwood Oak £0.00 Walnut £0.00 Zebrano Light £0.00 Zebrano Dark £0.00 White Sparkle +£75.00 Black Sparkle +£75.00 Marble Light £0.00 Marble Dark £0.00 Concrete £0.00 Stone £0.00 Brushed Metal Light £0.00 Brushed Metal Dark £0.00

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