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Here at Coolwhip Campers we pride ourselves in the bespoke options which we can offer. See below the vast number of beautiful options you can choose from and visualise yourself with our state of the art software by clicking the button ‘Van Visualiser’.

For the best possible experience we recommend you use the ‘Van Visualiser’ tool on a desktop computer, tablet or laptop.

To view our range of bespoke and standard colours please click the link below.

Here at Coolwhip our team of manufactures and fitters can convert your basic van into your dream Camper within 2-3 weeks. Everything is manufactured and professionally fitted here on site. During you initial appointment, one of our team will take you through the process in our stunning showroom, where you will design and build your own camper with our colour changing software and see for yourself the end product before we even begin. Our showroom will also give you the opportunity to physically see the end product with our mock up converted van display. Alternatively, you can use the software here online and book now!

We use the best products available as standard in all of our conversions, please see features below. As a result, we are proud that our name only associates with these high spec conversions. We have limited slots available per year to offer full conversions, due to our work load being heavily orientated with the design and manufacture of conversion products, however when our team get the chance to showcase our beautiful work all into a van, the results are quite special.

For more detailed information on particular aspects of your conversion products please browse our website.

  • ReVace 50l 12v compressor fridge with freezer compartment
  • Dimmable Interior LED lighting
  • Smev dometic 9722 hob/ sink combination with Piezo ignition
  • CTEK D250SE split charge with duel solar input
  • Victron energy blue smart IP65 charge
  • Complete 240 mains hook up kit
  • Exide AGM 95ah leisure battery
  • Dimatec Florenz water tap
  • Water pump
  • 2 x 12l water tanks
  • Wireless Phone charger
  • 2 x C-line control panels with the below…
  • USB & built in voltmeter/ main light touch dimmer switch/ 240 plug/ 1 x cupboard LED switch/ 1 x spare switch
  • 6 way LED blade fuse board
  • Gas locker with drop vent


  • Our full conversion furniture kit in a range and colour of your choice including solid oak worktops
  • M1 crash tested 3/4 Rock ‘N’ Roll bed
  • Sound deadening first stage Dodo and second stage fleece insulation
  • 6mm Ply lining and full carpet package
  • 12mm ply floor with Altro walkway finish
  • 2 x opening front windows
  • 2 x Van shades blinds
  • New plastic trim thresholds
  • Fire extinguisher and CO2 detector
  • Real Oak veneered headliner roof
  • Premium Rock ‘N’ Roll bed Fabworx TUV (European) tested Iso fix
  • Front seat upholstery to match your Rock ‘N’ Roll bed
  • Barn door/ Tailgate glass to include the Vanshades blind systems
  • Rear quarter glass to include 1 x N/S fixed window including the Vanshades pod and 1 x O/S black out glass
  • M1 tested sliding swivel seat and folding table
  • Gas and Electrical BPB Inspection report (Recommended)
  • Drive away awning rail
  • Fiamma Wind out awning
  • Hand made Solid oak veneered CNC cut floor
  • 80w Solar panel
  • Diesel heaters (POA)

Ignore for Eco range

None Real oak +£200.00 White Gloss £0.00 Cream Gloss £0.00 Light grey gloss £0.00 Dark Grey Gloss £0.00 Black Gloss £0.00 Yellow £0.00 Orange £0.00 Red £0.00 Terracotta £0.00 Baby Blue £0.00 Turquoise blue £0.00 Fjord green £0.00 Light oak £0.00 Cherry £0.00 Hardwood Oak £0.00 Walnut £0.00 Zebrano light £0.00 Zebrano Dark £0.00 Concrete £0.00 Stone £0.00 Light Marble £0.00 Dark Marble £0.00 Brushed Metal Light £0.00 Brushed Metal Dark £0.00 Bespoke (POA) £0.00

Deluxe only (Ignore for Eco and Premium)

None White Gloss £0.00 Cream Gloss £0.00 Light Grey Gloss £0.00 Dark Grey Gloss £0.00 Black Gloss £0.00 Yellow £0.00 Orange £0.00 Red £0.00 Terracotta £0.00 Baby Blue £0.00 Turquoise Blue £0.00 Fjord Green £0.00 Light Oak £0.00 Cherry £0.00 Hardwood Oak £0.00 Walnut £0.00 Zebrano Light £0.00 Zebrano Dark £0.00 White Sparkle £0.00 Black Sparkle £0.00 Marble Light £0.00 Marble Dark £0.00 Concrete £0.00 Stone £0.00 Brushed Metal Light £0.00 Brushed Metal Dark £0.00 Solid Oak £0.00 Bespoke (POA) £0.00

Deluxe only (Ignore for Eco and Premium)

None Silver £0.00 Grey £0.00 Black £0.00
Silver £0.00 Black £0.00 Real Oak £0.00
Chrome Catch (Deluxe) £0.00 Black Catch (Deluxe) £0.00 Black Bars (Eco/ Premium) £0.00 Chrome Bars (Eco/ Premium) £0.00 Genuine Leather (Eco/ Premium) £0.00 Finger cut outs (Eco/ Premium) £0.00
Silver £0.00 Black £0.00

Choose from Altro walkway or Real Oak Engineered Flooring

Fudge Oak +£395.00 Sand Oak +£395.00 Winter £0.00 Whale £0.00 Waterfall £0.00 Tundra £0.00 Terragon £0.00 Temple £0.00 Tango £0.00 Swan £0.00 Streetlight £0.00 Skyline £0.00 Savannah £0.00 Sand £0.00 Runway £0.00 Rock £0.00 River £0.00 Pavement £0.00 Nightfall £0.00 Minster £0.00 Midnight £0.00 Lupin £0.00 Fog £0.00 Dolphin £0.00 Coal £0.00 Cloud £0.00 Cherry £0.00 Bone £0.00 Blue £0.00 Blizzard £0.00 Black £0.00 Biscuit £0.00
Denim £0.00 Cappuccino £0.00 Fern £0.00 Flame £0.00 Gold £0.00 Iron Grey £0.00 Lavender £0.00 Midnight £0.00 Mocha £0.00 Raven £0.00 Russet £0.00 Slate £0.00 Storm £0.00 Wine £0.00

Includes Vanshades

1 x N/S window with Vanshades, 1 x O/S blank glass

To match the Rock ‘N’ Roll bed

Take piece in mind knowing your van has passed an inspection report carried out by a professional gas engineer